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Mr Saleem Zaki

(Chairman Saima Group)

Today, it is an uphill task foe common lower middle class people to afford a house both time and money wise. So, realizing the problem and with a firm determination to solve the problem, Mr. Saleem Zaki, a well-known philanthropist and businessman, established a construction company in the name of Saima Real Estate Builders & Developers, two decades ago. So far he has been successful in accomplishing his mission to provide shelter to shelter less common men of Pakistan by providing the economy flats and low cost shopping arcades, by the grace of almighty Allah, Saima Real Estate have so far launched, developed and delivered efficiently innumerable flats, shops, villas, apartments, luxury condominiums, intricately sophisticated mega projects, high rise sky scrapers and trade towers on easy terms of payments. In recognition of his valuable services he has also been elected Vice Chairman of Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) of Pakistan. He is also the founder member of the association and has received many awards in appreciation of his services for housing and construction industry.

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Saima Real Estate has become a dynamic and progressive organization with a glorious past and promising future. Through a comprehensive regional network throughout Pakistan, Saima has become a leader in the industry.

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